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Description of Telekom MK (from google play)

How much mobile internet do you have? Where is the nearest Telecom store? How to pay an account for mobile or fixed services from Makedonski Telekom? How to activate a foreign search package?

The answer is in the Telekom MK application that allows you to manage your mobile, fixed and integrated (Magenta 1) services for private users. Registration is simple and logged in users have access to all application services. The application can be used without any notice if mobile internet is used, but with limited functionality.

What are the functionalities offered by the Telekom MK application?
Mobile and fixed services
- Keep track of Internet usage, SMS and minutes of your mobile numbers
- Monitor the consumption of fixed internet [new]
- Checking the additional costs for mobile and landline numbers [new]
- Check the status of the account and status of active packages of all mobile numbers associated with your Telecom account
- Payment of debit / credit card accounts on all mobile and fixed numbers (by scanning the bar code of the account or by entering an account number) [new]
Activating packages and services
- Activation of Internet, chat, SMS, roaming
- Activation of TV packages for MaxTV [new]
- Family Share for Magenta 1 - share your mobile internet with your family members [new]
- Activating a free bonus for prepaid
- Add-on credit from postpaid to prepaid or debit / credit card
- Activation of Internet, chat, SMS, roaming
- Possibility to share minutes, internet or 100 denars from your account with another prepaid user
Customized services
- Live chat with our support team
- Virtual technician - independent monitoring and removing obstacles
- Contact for customer support
- The ability to check location information and working hours every store
- Links to mobile applications for Telecom services and recommended applications

Internet traffic from Telekom MK application is free of charge through the mobile network of Telecom in Macedonia.

Telekom MK app offers services for managing your Telekom account for mobile and integrated services.
Services available without login, with automatic recognition of your number if you use the mobile network of Makedonski Telekom include: check prepaid credit and bill status, active packages status, payment of bills with debit and credit card (CC), buy prepaid credit with CC , store location and info and reserve a shop queuing ticket.

Version history Telekom MK
New in Telekom MK 3.18.2
Brand new version of the app with significantly improved user experience
New in Telekom MK 2.2.5
Changed OTP verification due to Google Play recommendations
New in Telekom MK 2.2.3
Prepaid Prize Game
New in Telekom MK 2.2.1
activation of free services, bug fixes
New in Telekom MK 2.1.8
Information on fixed services
Virtual technician
Magenta Family Share
Corrected bug by mixing language versions

Info on fixed services
Virtual Technician
Magenta Family Share
Bug fix for mixing language versions
New in Telekom MK 2.0.38
- Android 8.0 support - Fixed bug with blinking on application start on some devices
New in Telekom MK 2.0.30
- Language picker on the initial screen - Fixed crash on Android 7 - License info screen - Improved user experience on the management services screen
New in Telekom MK 2.0.26
- Improvements to repeat Versions on Android
New in Telekom MK 2.0.22
- Improvements to repeat Versions on Android
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